Sarasin & Partners LLP

Sarasin & Partners LLP is one of the leading investment managers in the UK, on behalf of over 400 charities, with an increasing presence in Scotland.


Investment approach: We have a global thematic approach to stock selection that we pioneered in the UK over 20 years ago. The process is based on finding inevitable trends in which we have high conviction. The key is to identify these trends early, before they become consensus. Ultimately, we believe it matters more where and how a company makes its profits and rather less where it is listed.


Stewardship: We are well known for an active and responsible approach to investment and the principles of stewardship are embedded at the heart of our investment process. We consider ourselves stewards of our clients’ assets, a mind-set that is guided by a commitment to think like owners of the companies in which we invest, rather than simply holders of the shares.


We have enhanced the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and developed our own stewardship principles, which apply to all strategies that we manage. For more information Link to Responsible Stewardship


Charities: We manage portfolios for a broad range of clients across the Charity sector, whose needs vary widely.  Some seek long-term investment strategies and can withstand significant volatility in the search for attractive returns, while in other instances we manage short to medium-term reserves and the assets of charities in full ‘spend-down’ mode.  


Charities can invest via segregated portfolios, single asset class funds or through our range of Charity Authorised Investment Funds (CAIFs): the Sarasin Endowments Fund, the Sarasin Income & Reserves Fund and the Sarasin Climate Active Endowment Fund.


We are known for our strategic thinking and the time we spend with trustees ensuring that their portfolio genuinely matches their specific requirements. This is exemplified by the Compendium of Investment, which has been published for over 20 years. This book is the basis for our successful charity trustee training programme; we have trained over 5,000 trustees in recent years.



Compendium of Investment (link)

The intangible element of investment management (pdf)


Investment solutions for Charities - For more information please visit Sarasin & Partners/Charities


Or contact Oliver Bates, Partner, Charities Team