Services (COVID-19)

In response to COVID-19 and lockdown, we offered a number of discounted or FREE services to ACOSVO members, in addition to our ongoing support services.  

These included:
  • A free 90 minute confidential coaching/mentoring session with a trusted ACOSVO mentor.
  • Our Interim Executive Service being utilised remotely by a number of our interims working from home. They assisted in supporting voluntary sector organisations suffering high levels of senior management or board sickness, or requiring focused direction/support during the COVID-19 pandemic on key project areas, strategic direction, contingency measures, etc.
  • Access to our Leader Support Service providing 2 hour, free confidential telephone support with an experienced counsellor, (usually only available to 3 months+ ACOSVO members) to discuss any extra challenges faced during the COVID-19 crisis period, and how these might have affected personal well-being, relationships with board, job security, among other issues.
  • A monthly peer support call for all our CO 1st 100 days members which will continue for the remainder of 2020, for review in December.


As we wind down the level of crisis support, we hope you have found these additional, focused services supportive during these challenging times. We would also like to say a huge thank you to all of our mentors, facilitators, consultants, and members who helped make this all possible. 


A reminder of our ongoing member support services, with details of how you can access them, can be found HERE.


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