Navigator is a flexible employment and HR advice service and much more. It is you, the client, that decides what type of service you need and Navigator designs their offering with you so that it meets your specific requirements, right down to how you want to pay for the advice. Navigator has responded to a rapidly changing market place and, in particular, an increasingly unwillingness amongst 'clients' to settle for whichever 'off the shelf' service a traditional law firm offers wants/to promote. One size does not fit all, and Navigator understands that.

Navigator have adopted the best features of a traditional law firm, so their legal advisers are all fully qualified, unlike other fixed price providers in this market which increasingly rely upon non-qualified staff. Navigator thinks you deserve better than that. Navigator has also taken on board the best features of the fixed price providers, so they offer certainty of pricing, which the traditional law firms with expensive cost bases and insistence upon hourly charge rate.

These are just some of the Navigator variants and anything is possible. Navigator are delighted to be able to provide the following exclusive benefits to ACOSVO members:

  • 10% discount to ACOSVO Members when purchasing Navigator services.
  • Free advisory consultation – single phone conversation or meeting with Navigator advisory team.
  • Discounted rate for ACOSVO member attending Navigator training courses.

For more details contact Gareth McKnight.