Exciting opportunity! Community Jobs Scotland are currently recruiting for a new person to support ACOSVO across Projects, Events, Engagements and the Office teams. 

Excited to announce that ACOSVO Chief Executive, Pat Armstrong has signed up to the Active Leadership Cohort, with EMMS International, to cycle Nepal in November 2018. 


Click the image below to see our pdf infographic based on feedback from our 2017 events. Thank you to everyone who filled in a survey or attended an event in 2017. You help us shape our offerings to Scotland's third sector. 

This invites bids from voluntary organisations in Scotland for very short sharp projects (up to 10 person days) where statistical or analytical skills could make a difference to your organisation. The way this would work is individuals or small groups of Scottish Government analysts (one or two people) act as an analytical consultancy to solve problems in your organisation and would be delivered at no cost to you.


There are many exciting things going on here at ACOSVO. In the last year we have added five new services, increased our member benefits, brought on specialist consultants, and are offering highly subsidised in-depth training programmes, events and new networks in order to provide the highest level of service to you, our members.


In line with this we are increasing our membership prices for the first time in four years to more accurately reflect the value of both ACOSVO membership and you being part of a community of third sector leaders in Scotland. 

ACOSVO has an exciting opportunity for the right person to lead sustainability, project development and financial oversight consistent with ACOSVO’s Resource Strategy.


ACOSVO's Active Leadership programme is going international!

Join our Active Leadership Cohort, with EMMS International, to cycle Nepal in November 2018. 


We have an information event here in Thorn House on February 5th at 10:00 should you wish to hear more about this exciting opportunity to consider your leadership journey, visit Nepalese projects, meet leaders from local NGOs, reflect – and participate in Cycle Nepal. 


Since moving to a cohort approach in 2017, Leadership Exchange has received a massive 90% increase in applications. We want to give a huge thank you to programme coordinator, Phili Wetton for all her hard work in getting the programme out there and to Sian Thomas for all her help processing the applications. 


It is that time of year again and we really need as many Scottish third sector Chief Executives and senior staff to contribute to the best known UK third sector leader ‘Pay and Equalities Survey’. 

The third sector is changing fast. As leaders we know how important it is to keep pace with the challenges and opportunities presented. 


That is why ACOSVO is launching this new series of Leader Learning events that focus on specific developmental and learning themes and comprise short, sharp seminars led by subject matter experts followed by peer discussion and input.