Virtual AGM Tips From COVEY Befriending & Mentoring

Rhoda Reid, Project Lead, COVEY Befriending & Mentoring shares her top tips for running a virtual AGM. 

Having run our AGM in July with good feedback here are our top tips incorporating our learning.
1. Decide what you want to achieve – what is your message?
2. How much governance/business?
3. Consider the length of time – people will not be able to concentrate – short and snappy with no section more that 5 minutes
4. Preregistration with branding helps the ‘welcoming’ experience
5. Ensure in the joining instructions that people have signed up to Zoom
(We had over 80 attend but about 10 couldn’t get on)
6. Possibly provide a call number for those who are having difficulty
7. Make people welcome as if they were at a live event – we had people go into rooms hosted by staff/board to facilitate chat and change their screen name to include their organisation or simply note guest
8. Involve people to keep interest – have polls
9. Pre record as much as possible – reports and finance etc. sample provided
10. Have a strong ending – breakout groups to gather feedback and say thank you for attending rather than an abrupt end
11. Use the chat function to record feedback – encourage ‘one word to sum up how it was for you’ or ‘how could we improve your experience’ – facilitated by Board/staff
12. People can then leave at their leisure
13. Remind facilitators to save the feedback and send to a central point
14. A wind down for staff and Board is helpful– re-joining the main room.
15. Key to success and keeping stress levels down! Have an experienced Zoom Technical host – Community Links can provide
Check your Articles if you want to be technically correct. OSCR are relaxed about this. We prearranged people to approve and second motions and they unmuted when asked and responded. This worked well. We minuted as usual, sending our agenda and minutes of last meeting to attendees the week before.