New ACOSVO Support Services

ACOSVO has launched two new services to support current or emerging Chief Officers in the sector.


The first is our Leader Support Service, a FREE, confidential package for ACOSVO members aimed specifically at providing support to third sector Chief Officers who are experiencing difficulties, and who feel that their job may be at risk. Examples where the Leader Support Service will be able to help could be where a CO's relationship with the Chair or Board has broken down and support is needed to repair the relationship or where a CO’s job is at risk and they start to consider their rights and options.  


The second of these services is the Chief Officer First 100 Days, aimed at first time CO's, as well as those with some experience who might be moving to a new CO role.  The package provides a toolkit to navigate the countdown stage to starting a new CO role, the first 100 days in post and beyond.


For more information about either of these services please click the links above or contact the ACOSVO office on 0131 243 2755 or