Cyber Resilience Project – "Be Better Informed”

ACOSVO, in partnership with CyberScotland and supported by Scottish Government, are seeking to better understand and support how voluntary sector organisations are managing the risks of operating in a digital world.  
Cyber security is an ever-increasing global issue and has been for many years. But if you add to this an 18 month work from home experience, with organisations and individuals accessing potentially sensitive data from personal computers, less opportunity for robust, enforced security, and with many now considering hybrid models of working, ensuring organisations and individuals are cyber resilient has never been more pertinent. 
By cyber security, we mean the strategies and technologies that organisations have in place to ensure your networks, devices, data and finances are protected from damage, attack or unauthorised access. Cyber risks include computer viruses and malware, criminal activity (fraud & extortion), and loss of data by accident or deliberate act.
ACOSVO “Cyber Resilience Be Better Informed” project begins with this initial survey. The survey is NOT technical, so you don’t need any specific IT knowledge to take part. 
Following the survey ACOSVO will make you aware of a series of free or discounted cyber events/training/workshops and share with you various resources to help increase your understanding of cyber security over the coming 8 months.