ACOSVO's Response to COVID-19: Your Feedback

During the initial crisis period of March to July 2020, ACOSVO offered over 85 free virtual events, networks, and support sessions including weekly check-ins, chair check-ins, thematic discussions, workshops and masterclasses to respond to the needs of the sector. 


In order to assess and evaluate the impact of the above services an online survey was conducted in July 2020 by ACOSVO in consultation with its members. 51 members participated in the survey that was accessed through a web link.


The survey made up of 10 questions addressing the following points: 

  • Satisfaction rates of support during COVID-19 
  • Views on the specific events/ service offered during COVID-19 
  • Views on ACOSVO’s response 
  • Thoughts on additional services needed 
  • Thoughts on the future of the event/services offered 


To summarise the key findings, of the 51 members who responded:

  • 98% were satisfied or extremely satisfied with the support ACOSVO offered during COVID-19
  • 98% agreed or strongly agreed that ACOSVO responded to the needs of the sector
  • 91% agreed or strongly agreed that ACOSVO communicated effectively with members
  • 93% agreed or strongly agreed that ACOSVO has helped in their leadership role
  • 96% agreed or strongly agreed that ACOSVO provided relevant and supportive services
  • 98% of the participants were in favour of a blended programme of online and in-person events in the future. 


After analysis and discussion of the survey findings the ACOSVO team have found all feedback included in the questionnaire invaluable and acknowledge the need to continually adapt and change to meet member’s needs through all engagements. 


Moving forward ACOSVO is eager to implement the following based on the feedback:  

  • A blended programme of online and in person events,  
  • A series of reset & recover support events, 
  • Continuing free CEO check-ins, 
  • Continue to develop communication channels to improve effectiveness.  


A huge thanks to everyone who contributed, attended events or utilised services, and to all our facilitators and strategic partners. Without your support, this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you.


We have also made an infographic summarising some of these findings, this can be viewed here.