ACOSVO Mentoring Programme Now Open to Chairs

“Mentoring has been just what I've needed - supportive, refreshing, reassuring!”

 “It (mentoring) provides a type of space and relationship that I don't have access to in my hectic workplace and has been a great opportunity to 'sense check' many of the things that I've encountered in the role.  It's a very special and useful opportunity – so worthwhile!”

Chairs Network Scotland is growing, and we are developing new events and expanding services to provide Chairs and Vice Chairs in Scotland with the tools, networks and support they need to confidently and successfully lead their organisations.  


As part of this expansion, ACOSVO is delighted to start offering its highly valued mentoring service to members of the network, providing Chairs and Vice Chairs a FREE confidential sounding board and mentor previously only available to Chief Executives and senior managers.


The ACOSVO Mentoring Programme enables individuals to reflect on their leadership role in a confidential space and explore their personal and professional situation. It matches mentees with one of our 30 experienced mentors offering support with key issues, challenges and personal development. The mentee gains new skills, knowledge and confidence to perform at a higher level and is supported in setting goals to overcome challenges.


Do you think you could benefit from a fresh external perspective from an impartial, non-judgemental mentor? Chairs Network Scotland Participants are now eligible to sign up for this FREE programme. Don’t miss this opportunity to access independent, external support combined with warmth, insight and expertise. Sign up below.


Mentee Sign-Up Form


“I am deeply grateful to ACOSVO for the support given to me in my role. I can honestly state that without ACOSVO support I would be highly unlikely to have continued in post but am now exercising my leadership with increasing confidence and effectiveness.”