ACOSVO has a New CRM System

ACOSVO are delighted to announce we are streamlining our processess and moving over to a new CRM systmem! We will be migrating away from our venerable ACCESS database (labour intensive/not joined up/only accessible by one person at a time etc etc) to a state of the art, customised system.


While most of this change will, we hope, be undetectable to you as members it will significantly enhance the way Team ACOSVO are able to interact with you and provide an even better service.


From a member point of view the biggest change will be the introduction of automated membership payment. This will negate the time consuming need for invoices to be prepared, sent, chased and cross referred when your payments are received.

After months of planning we are really excited to be so close to the launch of the new CRM system with its innovative dashboards, automated processes and capacity for expansion. 

Downstream, as stage 2 of the process, we are already hoping to link event booking and finance monitoring packages into the system but as they say Rome was not built in a day! Please do bear with us as we transition into this new system and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on