ACOSVO Active Leadership programme

  • Do you find your best ideas come to you away from your desk?
  • Does being active gets your creative juices flowing?
  • Do you really have to be sitting round a table to be networking?


As leaders we spend so much time sitting at our desks, or in meetings, that sometime we forget that fresh air and movement feeds the mind (and body). As such ACOSVO has launched it's new Active Leadership programme to support third sector leaders to de-stress, network, share & develop all while getting healthier and having fun.


This programme currently takes the form of two FREE events, one walk on July 21st and one cycle on July 28th however dependent on interest we plan to expand the programme much further in 2018.


ACOSVO wants to ensure the Active Leadership programme is as inclusive as possible so if you have any ideas for this new series please get in touch with