ACOSVO is 15!

Board and staff

ACOSVO was established in 2000 to address the fact that being a charity CEO can be an isolated position.

The ethos of ACOSVO hasn’t altered in the last 15 years; it’s still very much about peer support, good practice sharing and leadership development.

What has changed is the reach and impact. ACOSVO has grown year on year to include nearly 400 members - all third sector leaders - and now runs up to 50 events a year across Scotland ranging from masterclasses to discussion dinners, regional networks to accredited leadership development workshops, seminars to roundtable discussions. The staff team has also increased in number and now includes 8 core staff who recently were successful in achieving the Investors in People gold standard.

ACOSVO is led by its members through the board of directors; again all leaders in the third sector.  Member input is also sought through annual surveys and event evaluations and the ever popular members’ Linkedin group is available so that members can feedback and tap in to the huge collective knowledge of their peers.

Projects such as Leadership Exchange Programme have been developed to recognise the value of learning across sectors and the importance of collaborative leadership in striving to reduce inequalities and improve the lives of people in Scotland. ACOSVO also play a key role in supporting good governance; chairing Scotland’s Third Sector Governance Forum and working with partners to develop governance excellence during Trustee Week whilst also providing year round learning opportunities.

ACOSVO is proud to be celebrating 15 years of third sector leadership. Our vision is excellent third sector leadership in Scotland and our mission is to shape the future of Scotland’s third sector by providing every leader with opportunities to develop, influence and excel. To mark this occasion, a framework has been developed to help identify and acknowledge the skills and competencies that encompass excellent leadership.

Reflecting upon ACOSVO’s achievements, Pat Armstrong, Chief Executive of ACOSVO added, "It is so important to have excellent leadership in the sector. The impact we have depends so much on our effectiveness as leaders and I am continually inspired and motivated by the amazing work being led by our members across Scotland”.

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