Leader Support Service

ACOSVO Leader Support Service is a FREE, confidential package aimed specifically at providing support to third sector Chief Officers who are experiencing difficulties and who feel that their job may be at risk…


Chief Officers (CO) join ACOSVO for peer support, good practice sharing and leadership development.  They also join because life as a CO can be isolating and can come with a variety of challenges.  Although many find connecting with a peer network in a confidential space hugely beneficial there will be times when a more direct and focused support is needed for the CO personally.



Examples where the Leader Support Service will be able to help could be where a CO's relationship with the Chair or Board has broken down and support is needed to repair the relationship or where a CO’s job is at risk and they start to consider their rights and options.  Jenny Berry, who provides this Support Service, has also written a 10 Ways to Keep Your Job guide which you may also find helpful. 


Members accessing the service will receive:

  • An initial assessment call 
  • Up to two hours free confidential telephone support with an experienced counsellor who also has previous experience as a charity Chief Officer.  Additional time charged at £50 per hour but may be authorised free on a case-by-case basis 
  • Development of a plan of action and support with agreed contact arrangements
  • There may be the option of further assistance from leading experts

Should continued support be required this can be offered at a preferential rate.


Once we receive your referral form we will be in touch as soon as possible but it could take up to 3 working days before we get back to you.


 Referral Form


The Leader Support Service is available once every 12 months to Full ACOSVO Members who have been ACOSVO members for three months or more. 


To find out more information, please contact service coordinator, Phili Wetton on services@acosvo.org.uk or 0131 510 8940.