Interim Executive Service

ACOSVO’s Interim Executive Service provides third sector organisations with access to expert, experienced third sector Interim Executives to support leadership transition within your organisation.


The service was officially launched on April 30th 2018 and can be accessed both as a support to an organisation when there is a temporary gap in leadership and/or as a support to Chief Officers in times of need. The Interim Executive Service also offers Senior Management support on a temporary basis. 


To access the Interim Executive Service both Interim Executives applicants and an individual from the host organisation are required to be members of ACOSVO. An eligible individual from the host organisation could include the Chief Executive, a Senior Manager, Board member and/or the newly appointed Chief Executive.


Interim Executive Application     Host Organisation Needs Assessment Form 



When, and why, would you utilise an Interim Executive?

Interim Executives can be deployed to:

  • Fill a temporary gap in leadership
  • Fill critical staffing gaps when the Chief Officer or a senior Director leaves
  • Support the departure of an outgoing leader, and recruitment process and induction of a new Chief Officer
  • Support a Chief Officer and/or organisation during a change management process
  • Support a Chief Officer when there is a temporary gap within their Senior Management Team (HR, Financial and Operations Directors)
  • Support the Chief Officer and/or organisation in times of crisis
  • Lead project management and organisational restructuring including mergers and acquisitions
  • Enable job shares, flexibility and family friendly working.


Interim Executives differ from consultants as they have a more ‘hands on’ approach.

The Interim Executive service offers a highly effective approach to succession planning. This in turn helps to ensure good risk management, leadership development, organisational resilience and preparation for successful leadership transition. Some of the benefits of good succession planning for a third sector organisation include:

  • Aligning staff development with strategic vision
  • Building leadership capacity within the organisation
  • Preparing and engaging the team in the change process
  • Support the transition of the new leader
  • Engaging and reassuring the Board
  • Giving confidence to funders.


Who are the ACOSVO Interim Executives?

ACOSVO have developed a network of Interim Executives, who have the expertise and experience to support your organisation.

We have a strong pool of around 20 interim executives and are NOT currently accepting further applications from individuals wishing to join this pool.  However if you are interested in becoming an interim yourself in the future, please contact the programme co-ordinator Phili Wetton direct at and your details will be held on a waiting list should we decide to expand the pool in the coming months.

Each of our Interim Executives have undergone training and a rigorous selection process.


The selection process involves:

  • Holding the relevant level of senior management experience (Director/Chief Executive level)
  • Completion and approval of online application form and submission of up to date CV detailing all relevant skills and experience
  • Relevant and satisfactory references
  • Successful completion of the ACOSVO Interim Executive Training Programme


ACOSVO Interim Executives have a diverse range of skills and experience of working within the third sector. Typically our Interim Executives have previously worked as third sector Chief Executives for a number of years and/or have experience of crisis and change management, and interim placements. We have a pool of highly skilled candidates to support a wide range of third sector organisations. Our Interim Executives will focus on creating stability, providing effective leadership, promoting good management and supporting positive change. For more information about becoming an ACOSVO Interim Executive, please click here. We also hold regular training events and will update this section when we have our next event scheduled. 


What does the ACOSVO Interim Executive Service include?

ACOSVOs Interim Executive Service can be tailored to your needs. The programme of support will be agreed by you directly with the Interim Executive, and to ensure the best outcome.

ACOSVO offers the following support as part of the package:

  • Initial assessment to identify requirements
  • Matching with Interim Executive
  • One to one support for Interim Executive for the first 25 days in post
  • Ongoing networking and peer support for Interim Executives.


A bespoke package can be offered at extra cost, with additional support in the following areas:

  • Supported selection of Interim Executive
  • Contingency planning options for Chairs
  • Board training and workshops to support leadership transitions
  • Staff training and workshops to support leadership transitions
  • First 100 Days support package for new CEOs.


Further details about the benefits, both for organisations and potential Interim Executives can be found through the links below.


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Interim Executive Application         Host Organisation Needs Assement Form


For further information or to take the service forward, please contact the ACOSVO office on 0131 243 2755 or