Chief Officer First 100 Days.... or so

Where do you go if you are a newly appointed voluntary sector Chief Officer (CO) or a Board about to appoint someone new to the role?


How do you prepare for your first or subsequent CO role so that you make the most impact?


CO’s join ACOSVO for peer support, good practice sharing and leadership development.  They also join because life as a CO can be isolating and can also come with a variety of challenges.  Although most find connecting with a peer network in a confidential space hugely beneficial there will be times when a more focused approach is needed to help a CO ‘lead’ an organisation through a particularly difficult or demanding time or deal with unusual circumstances. 



The ACOSVO Chief Officer First 100 Day Support Service is aimed at first time CO, as well as those with some experience who might be moving to a new CO role.  The package provides a range of support to navigate the countdown stage to starting a new CO role, the first 100 days in post and beyond, and is valid for 12 months from acceptance of your application.


For a fixed cost of between £185 and £280 (related to organisational turnover), CO and/or senior managers accessing the service will receive support as follows:

  • 1 year free ACOSVO membership
  • Free place at the ACOSVO Annual Conference
  • A copy of ACEVO’s 'The Chief Executive’s First 100 Days'
  • 50% off any two ACOSVO events
  • Access to a third sector mentor
  • Access to ACOSVO’s cross sector Leadership Exchange Programme
  • A one-to-one with ACOSVO's Chief Executive to discuss your situation and connect with leadership thinking across the sector
  • Opportunity to meet/share ideas with other new in post CO's (face-to-face, online, or through our exclusive ACOSVO 1st 100 Day LinkedIn Group)
  • If needed, access to the ACOSVO Leader Support Service


If you would like to sign up for this service or to find out more information, please contact service coordinator, Phili Wetton on or 0131 510 8940.


The below table gives a breakdown of cost dependent on organisational turnover and how much these services would cost individually.

>£5M £280 £515
£1M-5M £270 £495
£500K-1M £245 £460
£100-500K £235 £440
<100K £185 £370