Over the past three months, ACOSVO has had Belgian student Erika Kraus intern for us. She shares her experiences working in the third sector for the first time and her overall journey with ACOSVO. We will definitely miss having you around the office! We wish you all the best in the future and be sure to come back and visit us soon.

This blog was written by Matt Lobo who volunteered with ACOSVO over a 5 month period while at University. All of us here at ACOSVO wish Matt all the best in the future and will miss his friendly face around the office.

"This internship has enabled me to learn new skills, apply my studies to a practical project, hear about the incredible people in the third sector and work with a welcoming and friendly staff team.


This blog is from one of our ACOSVO Mentors, Philippa Bonella. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or a mentee, see here for more information.


Over the past few weeks ACOSVO has had graduate volunteer Ben Rogers working with us. Here he discusses lessons learned from student life, and the potential benefits of a leadership exchange. (Originally published 05/09/17 in TFN).


By ACOSVO member & Director, Barnardo's Scotland, Martin Crewe


"A recent UK report from the Lords Select Committee described charity leadership as being like "juggling on a unicycle" - balancing a huge range of tasks and skills while simultaneously facing unrealistically high expectations.  Also the stress of knowing if one ball drops, that will be the one that is noticed, not the many others that you are still successfully managing to juggle.

The current academic literature on public administration is full of research on collaborative governance, integrated services and community participation. This research reflects a reality where boundaries between public, private and Third Sectors are increasingly blurred and where services are being redesigned to better meet rising public expectations at the same time as facing the challenges of austerity and Brexit.

After 13 years as CEO of ACOSVO, Pat Armstrong gained agreement from ACOSVO's Board for a two month period of extended leave. Pat and her husband David had planned their adventure together, and set off to travel far and wide, while Pat kept friends and colleagues posted on her blog 'The World is my Office....Not'.

The Board and staff made initial plans for Pat's leave, setting out clear roles and boundaries. Systems and processes were put in place for cover, and while Pat would leave a gap for a short time, the whole team felt confident and capable to cover the period.

Lynn Anderson is a Living Wage accreditation officer for the Scottish Living Wage Accreditation Initiative. Her work includes a specific focus on Third Sector.

In this Leadership Blog, ACOSVO member and Director of Barnardo's Scotland, Martin Crewe reflects on ten years in post and lessons learned from the top.