“Mentors clearly make (and experience) a life changing difference for individuals.”

Two weeks after ACOSVO’s first cross-sectoral mentoring conference in conjunction with the Law Society of Scotland, Phili Wetton, ACOSVO’s Engagement Manager, and mentoring programme co-ordinator, reflects on the event and the impact mentoring has for individuals, no matter what stage of life they are at.

It all started with a question, “do you want to do your internship in Belgium or abroad?” Easy question if you ask me, of course abroad! So I applied for an intern position at ACOSVO. I had never been in Scotland before, but wow what I’ve been missing.

In this leadership blog Pat reflects on her experience on the second leg of the CSC Leaders programme in Kuala Lumpar.

Info on CSC at  The programme involves one week in London and one in another part of the commonwealth with almost 80 leaders from a wide range of countries and sectors.

See blog on first leg for more details on CQ and core and flex which are concepts which underpin the learning.


In the last couple of blogs ACOSVO Chief Executive, Pat Armstrong has been reflecting on her long term leader journey and also looking to challenge herself as a leader. In this blog she talks about how she tried to do just this by volunteering with the Glasgow Games. 

Barnardo’s Scotland Director, Martin Crewe contributes this blog (with a little help from ACOSVO Chief Exec, Pat Armstrong) discussing being a long term leader...

ACOSVO Chief Executive, Pat Armstrong, reflects on her time at the CSC Leaders Programme and shares her responsibility of 'walking the talk'.


"I have had the most incredible opportunity this year – and I’m only half way through!”


Updated blog (see original here) from Graeme Reekie, Director, Wren & Greyhound, who has been delving into the (mosh) pit of Punk Leadership over the past four months. 

This blog is written by Graeme Reekie, Director of Wren & Greyhound, and a respected charity specialist with more than 25 years' experience. Find out more about Graeme here

We've begun exploring the idea of 'punk leadership' with out partners at ACOSVO, with a workshop at their recent members' day and a dinner that was hosted on 28th June. 


“I have a visit to the palace this week”. Not sure these are words I ever thought I would ever say. But here we are, hitting the wrong side of 50, over 30 years in the sector and getting an OBE.


What do you do if your organisation is suddenly left with a gap in leadership? Or perhaps the Chief Executive is in need of support in times of crisis. There can be many reasons an organisation might be faced with this reality but whatever gap has been identified there is now a timely, highly effective service which provides third sector organisations with access to expert, experienced third sector Interim Executives to support leadership transition within third sector organisations.