Resilient Leaders: Resilient Sector

"A recent UK report from the Lords Select Committee described charity leadership as being like "juggling on a unicycle" - balancing a huge range of tasks and skills while simultaneously facing unrealistically high expectations.  Also the stress of knowing if one ball drops, that will be the one that is noticed, not the many others that you are still successfully managing to juggle.

Sit this alongside what is now being described as operating in an environment of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity), together with recent studies which have shown in times of austerity, the third sector buffers the impact on frontline provision by managing with less staff and less money but trying to provide the same level of service- all indicating the potential for burnout in our third sector leaders."


To read more from ACOSVO Chief Executive Pat Amrstrong's opinion piece contribution to Nonprofit, a news portal on third sector and volunteering managed by Catalan non-profit organisations, click here.