Bridging the Gap: Ensuring your organisation isn’t left without a leader

What do you do if your organisation is suddenly left with a gap in leadership? Or perhaps the Chief Executive is in need of support in times of crisis. There can be many reasons an organisation might be faced with this reality but whatever gap has been identified there is now a timely, highly effective service which provides third sector organisations with access to expert, experienced third sector Interim Executives to support leadership transition within third sector organisations.


Launched April 30th, ACOSVO’s Interim Executive Service can be accessed both as a support to an organisation when there is a temporary gap in leadership and/or as a support to Chief Officers in times of need. The Interim Executive Service also offers Senior Management support on a temporary basis. The service is tailored to your organisation’s needs and all of the Interim Executives have undergone training and a rigorous selection process.


Phili Wetton, Programme Coordinator explains how the service provides support to organisations in a variety of ways.  “For some organistions, they are quickly looking to recruit and induct a replacement Chief Executive but don’t have resource to focus on this task.  For others, there is a temporary gap within the Senior Management Team, a need to restructure the current Board of Directors and introduce some basic governance tools, or an interest in an independent strategic overview of the organisation’s sustainability.  Some organisations may also seek support during a time of critical change or in leading a large project such as rebranding, a merger, or an acquisition”.


Whatever an organisation’s needs, ACOSVOs Interim Executive Service offers a highly effective approach to succession planning, it ensures good risk management, leadership development, organisational resilience and preparation for a successful leadership transition.  It provides a fresh, objective and impartial support for a short-term period, achieving immediate results.  It can also open up new connections impacting beyond an Interim Executive’s time with the organisation.


Zero Tolerance used the ACOSVO interim service because our budget was tight and we couldn’t go for direct role replacement. Pat quickly matched us and we were impressed with the candidate's range and depth of experience.  The interim leader's fresh perspective and cross-sectoral expertise has helped to strengthen our organisation.”  Jude Henderson, Chair, Zero Tolerance


“Appointing an Interim CEO has given Visibility’s Board of Trustees the time and space to really think through what we needed ahead of appointing the new CEO. By providing an objective strategic overview of the organisation, the Interim CEO was able to support the Board in making important decisions.  The Interim CEO has helped keep the organisation moving forward throughout a period of transition, working with the team to maintain momentum as well as build capacity. Maintaining the public profile and external relationships has helped ensure the organisation is still well positioned to go forward in this new and exciting phase.”  Arlene Croall, Chair, Visibility

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