June 2021

It’s hard to plan for the unexpected but ACOSVO’s Interim Executive Service aims to help. The service provides organisations with a qualified interim leader to support in areas such as bridging a planned or unplanned gap in leadership; managing a change project; acting as support to the CO or Board during a turbulent time; or in the case of ProjectScotland to providing leadership support during a merger.


What a year it’s been, right? I remember feeling so bad for everyone that had to return home halfway through their internship or studies abroad in March 2020. I figured I was lucky, because by the time I would start my own internship in February 2021, the pandemic would surely be over. Oh, how naive I was… Little did I know I would become one of the first interns to complete their internship with ACOSVO remotely. Luckily, the wonderful team made sure I still had an amazing time and I ended up learning so much from them.