April 2021

‘The changing world of work’ was a theme explored at last year’s ACOSVO conference, and revisited at an ACOSVO CEO Check-in earlier in 2021. 

As we look ahead to the summer and the timetable for the easing of restrictions, we will have new territory to navigate in our work interactions, as Julie Hutchison, Charities Specialist at Aberdeen Standard Capital, explores in this latest blog. 

Where are we now?


ACOSVO recently caught up with Ted Campbell, a Leadership & Executive Coach, and ACOSVO mentor, to discuss what encouraged him to utilise his skills for mentoring; what’s changed in the pandemic; and why a lack of experience shouldn’t put you off becoming a mentor for others.

I get a chance to watch people grow, and push away all the things that get in the way. I learn so much from mentees and have enjoyed adding to my networks.

–  Beverley Francis, Interim Chief Executive, Consultant, and ACOSVO Mentor