July 2018

Updated blog (see original here) from Graeme Reekie, Director, Wren & Greyhound, who has been delving into the (mosh) pit of Punk Leadership over the past four months. 

This blog is written by Graeme Reekie, Director of Wren & Greyhound, and a respected charity specialist with more than 25 years' experience. Find out more about Graeme here

We've begun exploring the idea of 'punk leadership' with out partners at ACOSVO, with a workshop at their recent members' day and a dinner that was hosted on 28th June. 


“I have a visit to the palace this week”. Not sure these are words I ever thought I would ever say. But here we are, hitting the wrong side of 50, over 30 years in the sector and getting an OBE.