It’s hard to plan for the unexpected but ACOSVO’s Interim Executive Service aims to help. The service provides organisations with a qualified interim leader to support in areas such as bridging a planned or unplanned gap in leadership; managing a change project; acting as support to the CO or Board during a turbulent time; or in the case of ProjectScotland to providing leadership support during a merger.


What a year it’s been, right? I remember feeling so bad for everyone that had to return home halfway through their internship or studies abroad in March 2020. I figured I was lucky, because by the time I would start my own internship in February 2021, the pandemic would surely be over. Oh, how naive I was… Little did I know I would become one of the first interns to complete their internship with ACOSVO remotely. Luckily, the wonderful team made sure I still had an amazing time and I ended up learning so much from them.

‘The changing world of work’ was a theme explored at last year’s ACOSVO conference, and revisited at an ACOSVO CEO Check-in earlier in 2021. 

As we look ahead to the summer and the timetable for the easing of restrictions, we will have new territory to navigate in our work interactions, as Julie Hutchison, Charities Specialist at Aberdeen Standard Capital, explores in this latest blog. 

Where are we now?


ACOSVO recently caught up with Ted Campbell, a Leadership & Executive Coach, and ACOSVO mentor, to discuss what encouraged him to utilise his skills for mentoring; what’s changed in the pandemic; and why a lack of experience shouldn’t put you off becoming a mentor for others.

I get a chance to watch people grow, and push away all the things that get in the way. I learn so much from mentees and have enjoyed adding to my networks.

–  Beverley Francis, Interim Chief Executive, Consultant, and ACOSVO Mentor


This guest blog is brought to you Amy Gordon, Solicitor in Lindsays’ Employment team. She discusses some the queries that charities may have about their staff and vaccinations as well as the impact the vaccination will have on risk assessment planning over the coming months.

Third sector employers guidance to some of the legal implications regarding workforce vaccinations

This guest blog is brought to you by Ben Doherty, Partner and Head of Employment with ACOSVO Strategic Partner, Lindsays. Below he encourages charities to go beyond their legal obligations when supporting staff who once again find themselves balancing working from home with home schooling.


This guest blog is brought to you by Ben Doherty, Partner and Head of Employment with ACOSVO Strategic Partner, Lindsays. Below he outlines why fairness and transparancy are of the upmost importantance when considering redundancies


When it comes to issues surrounding potential redundancies, it’s not just morally right for us to ensure that everyone is treated fairly - it’s a legal necessity.

This guest blog was brought to you by ACOSVO member, and Director of Barnardo's Scotland, Martin Crewe, who discusses the tricky months ahead & why more than ever we need to be clear & focused on our mission.


In this blog I am going to try and pull together two trains of thought that have been on my mind for some time now.  The first is a feeling of cognitive dissonance.  This is a term for the state of discomfort felt when two or more modes of thought contradict each other.


The Health and Housing Group Leadership Exchange project was established to improve the lives of communities across Scotland by creating stronger links between health and housing leaders.

Now, 8 months in and further funding agreed, project lead and ACOSVO’s Member Services Manager, Phili Wetton updates us on how the project is going:


This guest blog is brought to you by Julie Hutchison from Aberdeen Standard Capital who summarises the key themes which emerged during ACOSVO's Weeks 11 and 12 CEO Check-In During COVID-19