ACOSVO 360° Leadership Appraisal: Top Tips

The ACOSVO 360° Leadership Appraisal system captures the ‘core job behaviours’ based on the ACOSVO Leadership Excellence Framework. (Click here for the Leadership Excellence Framework)


The ACOSVO 360° Leadership Appraisal emphasises behaviours rather than traits. In focusing on behaviours, 360° appraisals support development and change.


Top tips for using the ACOSVO 360° Leadership Appraisal system:

  • Plan before starting your 360° Appraisal.
  • Consider who will be involved in the 360° Leadership Performance Appraisal, how feedback will be collected, analysed, reported on and fed back. It is worthwhile considering at the planning stage, whether someone external to the organisation can be deployed to meet requirements of confidentiality, sensitivity and objectivity.
  • Timing is also an important consideration to ensure the appraisal takes place with the best possible level and quality of input.
  • Consider what you want to achieve from undertaking the 360° Appraisal.


Identify the feedback coach:

A feedback coach may be anyone internal or external to the organisation.

It is important that individual feedback is anonymous. The feedback can be collected and compiled into a report for the leader. As well as providing feedback on ratings and scores on each area being reviewed, an overview of areas of strengths and opportunities for development is provided.

The role of the feedback coach is to assist the leader with interpreting the report and to ultimately assist with identifying areas to be developed. The feedback coach can also assist in developing an action plan to support the leader address areas for development.

As part of an enhanced support package, ACOSVO can offer or identify a trained feedback coach to assist with the 360° Leadership Appraisal.


Train the raters:

There is quite a bit of agreement among experts that systematic training of evaluators can reduce the frequency of reliability errors. With introductory training, problems of halo effect and leniency can be virtually eliminated. With extended training of about two days, all the reliability errors can be dramatically reduced.

As an option within the enhanced support package, ACOSVO can provide introductory or extended training to your team to support a successful 360° leadership appraisal. 


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