360° Leadership Appraisal

A 360° appraisal is a process whereby an individual receives feedback on their performance from a number of individuals who regularly interact with the person being reviewed.


Feedback can be provided by team members, employees, colleagues, trustees, and even external partners. Respondents remain anonymous and their data is aggregated to encourage the respondents to provide balanced feedback, including constructive criticism.


The objective is to provide leaders with feedback on their behaviours, evaluating performance outcomes, as well as identifying potential, and establishing development goals.


ACOSVO have developed a 360° Leadership Appraisal to support leadership development in the third sector.


What does the ACOSVO 360° Leadership Appraisal service involve?

The ACOSVO 360° Leadership Appraisal captures the ‘core job behaviours’ based on the ACOSVO Leadership Excellence Framework, with the aim of bringing about change and development for the individuals taking part.


You can access the programme at one of three separate levels, each providing a different amount of support throughout your 360° journey.


The ACOSVO 360° leadership appraisal is primarily designed for use with the Chief Officer, but could be adapted for use with the Chair and/or senior management team. If this is of interest, contact us and we can develop a package to suit your needs.






Senior team






Available to


Members Only

Member CEO Only

Member CEO, Chair, senior team (up to 5 in total)

Access to survey questions


Standardised Survey

Personalised Survey developed with you

Personalised Survey developed with you

Planning session with Analyst to discuss objectives and goals



ACOSVO distribute survey to your respondents


ACOSVO collate the responses into a report


Feedback session with Analyst to discuss results of report and develop action plan



Follow-up coaching sessions

£60 per hour

£60 per hour

£60 per hour

£60 per hour


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You can learn more about the ACOSVO 360° Leadership Appraisal service by clicking here, or contacting service coordinator, Phili Wetton on services@acosvo.org.uk or 0131 510 8940.