ACOSVO 360° Leadership Appraisal: Further Info

General Overview of a 360° Appraisal?

A 360° performance review is a process whereby an individual receives feedback on their performance from a number of individuals or “raters” who regularly interact with the person being reviewed.  The ACSOVO 360° Leadership Appraisal, uses this approach to review leadership within the organisation.

The objective is to provide the leaders with feedback on their performance behaviours and outcomes as well as identifying potential and establishing development goals.

It is recommended that 360° appraisal is used as a development tool, and that it is important to be aware that linking the appraisal to pay and reward can skew the process.


A 360° Appraisal can consist of four compatible measurements:

  1. leaders evaluate themselves (self-appraisal);
  2. peers evaluate each other;
  3. the leader appraises (leadership) team members; and
  4. team members appraise the leader. (Alexander, 2011)


The ACOSVO 360° Leadership Appraisal focuses on third sector leaders, and can be a useful tool when appraising the leadership of the CEO, Board Members and/or senior staff.


Why use 360° Performance Appraisals?

In addition to providing effective feedback to the CEO, a 360° appraisal conveys meaningful information to effectively evaluate executive performance. CEO performance and the relationship between the Chief Officer and the Board are critical factors in successful governance and the fulfilment of an organisation’s mission.


360° appraisals help ensure reliability within the performance review system. Using several raters improves the accuracy of performance measurement, and the use of more raters will increase the frequency of ratings near the distribution’s mean, therefore reducing inaccuracy or errors (e.g. personal bias, the halo effect, etc) by determining the average of the scores. The use of 360° performance appraisal creates many of the strengths of multiple raters in performance appraisal work.


360° appraisals open up performance appraisals to greater depth and breadth of feedback. This full-circle view of performance provides more insight for coaching and development, and ensures more accurate, effective and fair assessments.


The 360° appraisal also builds validity by using multiple criteria or performance dimensions. The more complex the job being evaluated the greater the need for multiple assessment criteria. Not all job behaviours need to, or can be, assessed.


Overall a 360° Leadership Performance Appraisal aims to bring about change and development for the individuals taking part. The process takes people through various stages of behavioural change. Moving from the Pre-contemplation stage to Contemplative stage the process assists in raising awareness of development needs, and helping leaders identify the need to take action. Once that individual decides there is a need to take some action, they enter the Preparation stage and specific actions plans are developed. The Action stage is where the leader actually puts their plan to work and begins to change and develop. The months following the 360° review process compose the Maintenance stage where the learner works to prevent relapse. (The Transtheoretical Model (Prochaska & DiClemente, 1983; Prochaska, DiClemente, & Norcross, 1992))


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