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Almost six months on from ACOSVO Chief Executive, Pat Amrstrong's return to work, a 'lessons learned' blog has been co-created by various members of 'team ACOSVO', capturing their reflections on working together throughout a difficult time, and offering suggestions to other organisations facing the challenge of leader absence. In the blog, you can read how the team dealt with a number of challenges and how they planned, agreed and implemented support for the organisation through a difficult time.
This ‘Leadership Excellence Framework’ is a structure that has been developed based on feedback from you - our members. The purpose of the framework is to provide guidance on the key competencies that all Third Sector leaders should be demonstrating on a consistent basis. In publishing this framework we are championing leadership excellence in order to enhance not only organisational performance but also that of Scotland’s Third Sector as a whole.
A practical guide to setting up your management committee and sustaining its work by Shirley Otto and Jo Clifton
Having forged strong links with the Scottish Government, the Scotland Office, the Carnegie Trust UK and UK funding organisations in debating opportunities and threats to the new model for Scotland, ACOSVO was delighted to have the opportunity to engage with the Smith Commission and reflect the views of our members.
The report focuses on the effectiveness of boards operating within third sector organisations in Scotland.
Scoping provision of learning opportunities which build cross sector skills and understanding at a leadership level.
Getting the best out of the relationship between the Chair and Chief Officer in a third sector organisation.
Governance and Scottish charities across the borders of the UK.
The topics of partnerships and collaboration in the third sector in its various forms.
In response to the above, the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) has launched a consultation on a new draft SORP.
This project was commissioned to review and analyse inter-sector partnerships to determine what information, advice, evidence and support is available and where it is stored.